Studio Smokin Hot is a luxurious premium heated studio with a unique sequence combining yoga, pilates and meditation poses. With a broad variety of benefits for both your mind and body, you will experience accelerated calorie burning, build bone density, boost your cardiovascular fitness, improve flexibility and it may also help ease depression and reduce stress.


Working out in a hot room between 36 - 38 degrees allows your body to experience a deeper stretch and beautiful detoxification than what can be achieved in a regular-temperature room.  The postures are designed in sequence to activate and workout every single muscle and ligament in your body. Joint mobility is also an amazing benefit as we lubricate our joints and improve flexibility and stability.


Studio Smokin hot focusses on including highly anti aging postures within all classes. Inversions are known as an amazing powerful anti-aging tool, and are also known as a natural facelift when done regularly. During the stretches and compressions, you also work deep into your body and organs, boosting detoxification and improving the overall self healing capability we all naturally possess within our bodies. The mental calmness and beautiful glow you have after each session only gets better with each practise. 

WARNING - Studio Smokin Hot will be addictive! 


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As a fully qualified Naturopath and with an Advanced Diploma in Western herbal medicine, Renee Tocco ND, has a passion for using food as medicine and living a life brimming with optimum health. 

As an experienced hot yoga practitioner for the past 10 years practising 5-7 days a week, during the COVID restrictions, she set up a small hot studio at home to continue her routine. During this time Renee developed a very unique sequence that combines yoga, pilates, meditation and the use of props for a high intensity detoxifying workout. 

Her entrepreneurial drive has led her through a highly successful career path in the Finance industry and she is the Founder and Managing Director of Loanezi, Medezi and also a Director on the board for the peak industry body for Commercial finance in Australia CAFBA.

Smokin Hot is a pipe dream she has been focussed on for many years. Now that she is a fully qualified Hot Yoga Teacher, she is ready to spread the hot workout fever with her first studio opening in the Gold Coast soon! 

Get ready Gold Coasters to turn eyes as your body will be transformed into the best version of yourself and Smokin Hot!


  • Private group or one on one combining yoga, pilates & meditation poses

    65 Australian dollars



To make an enquiry about joining the Smokin Hot movement and run your own studio click the button below we would love to chat!

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